Sump Pump Repair and Installation

Sump pumps are extremely important pieces of equipment for many homeowners. In fact, they are one of the main factors that prevent some homes from flooding and incurring leaks. When they break unexpectedly, it can be a tremendous stress for you, your family, or perhaps your office. It’s not hard to imagine the type of damage a broken pump or bad sump pump installation can cause. This is why we are proud to offer quality sump pump repair and installation services in Washington DC, Baltimore, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Frederick and Prince George County.

The Importance of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are modern devices that lure water from the soil surrounding your home and pumps them into holding tanks. For many, they are called a sump basin or sump pit. Many homes and offices have sump pumps to prevent excess or unnecessary water from building up, which can cause pressure on the outer structure walls, resulting in sudden cracks and leaks.

As experienced plumbers, our team of technicians are happy enough to provide you with the ideal sump pump system that is perfect for your home or office building. If you are looking for sump pump repair near me, look no further than The Drain Guys.

How to Install a Sump Pump Drain System?

Sump pumps are created by digging a pit on the lowest section of your basement where water is highly possible to pond after a spring thaw or during the rainy season. After that, the pit is usually filled with gravel to improve water absorption in the pit. A bucket is placed into the fit so the pit maintains its shape and doesn’t erode. Inside the bucket a pipe is run to the sewage line which is operated via a pump. Water will collect in the bucket and get pumped to the sewer.

Sump pump repair and installation diagram
A simple diagram of how a sump pump works.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sump Pump?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer for sump pump repair cost or sump pump installation cost. Home Depot has some low cost pumps. However, the total project cost will vary depending on the size of the pump and the number of pumps needed. The Drain Guys is happy to give you an in-person quote for any sump pump project.

Great Repair and Maintenance

Like water and gas pipes, sump pumps require constant maintenance and should be replaced or repaired whenever something is not working properly. The Drain Guys offers the following services related to sump pumps:

  • Maintenance – Leave the heavy-duty stuff to the experts! Sump pumps may be too complicated to work on alone. With our team of plumbing experts at The Drain Guys, we can carefully check your sump pumps, do a few tests and see if it requires some replacement or fix. We make it a priority to see that they are clog free, and water flow is not disrupted at all.
  • Repairs- What The Drain Guys is known for is our fast and reliable repair work on sump pumps. All our plumbers are highly trained and experienced in all things sump pumps.
  • Replacement – There will come a time that sump pumps are nearly impossible to repair. We are happy to offer a replacement for your unit. We guarantee our workmanship and our results speak for themselves.

Why Trust Our Pump Services

Dealing with sump pumps is not a walk in the park, but our crew has got you covered with all your sump pump needs. Here is why you should only trust The Drain Guys for your home or office sump pumps.

Dedicated crew with plenty of experience. We have a dedicated crew of plumbers. Our plumbers are full time and most have been with the company for awhile. Our team is highly trained and experienced in dealing with sump pumps.

Rated and trusted by many. Our happy customers give us high ratings throughout the DMV area. We get many return customers and we ensure everyone is satisfied with the service we provide. There are many sump pump installation companies but we stand out due to our long list of happy clients.

Great Flexible Prices. Our services stand out from the rest because we offer great prices. You can be sure that you will receive high quality work for your money. We also offer flexible deals and discounts, especially for our returning customers seeking sump pump repair.

Clean work from start to finish. Other plumbing companies leave a huge mess after dealing with the sump pumps. We work differently than the rest of them. We make sure that the area is clean from the start of the work until the finish. You won’t make a mess in your house or office.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We are happy to provide you with nothing but the best plumbing services out there. We continue to improve our services every single day to make sure we maintain our quality of work.

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