Plumbing Excavation

Sometimes plumbing jobs require accessing pipes or fixtures under the ground. This type of work falls into a category known as plumbing excavation. These jobs involve special tools, skills, and sometimes permits to dig into the ground either in or outside your house. The Drain Guys has a full excavation team and proper equipment ready to handle any problems under the ground.

There are a number of different types of plumbing excavation projects that we handle:

Main Water Line Replacement, Repair, and Installation

A house water main, often known as a water service line, is the primary or main pipe bringing water to your home. A private water service line is usually located underground and connects your house to the public water supply source. Here’s a little information from Montgomery County, where The Drain Guys is located, on our public water.

Diagram of a water line in a typical house explaining when main water line replacement would be needed.

Sometimes problems arise the require main water line replacement. Water lines can burst or leak. Often holes or cracks develop over time in old pipes as they are constantly under pressure. Homeowners can be alerted to an issue by large puddles appearing in their yard. When this happens plumbing excavation to dig up the pipe and remediate as needed.

What does main water line replacement cost?

Unfortunately, this type of work is never cheap. The cost depends on many factors including the type of house (single family versus townhouse), the size of the yard, the characteristics of the yard, depth of line, and more. The Drain Guys always provides free estimates so we can give you a price with no obligation. Typically, a main water line replacement runs from $3,000 to $10,000.

The Drain Guys also handles underground water line installation. Some properties are not yet connected to a public water source. We can help with this as well. More populated areas like Bethesda, Maryland, can be more expensive.

Sewer Line Installation and Repair

The Drain Guys specialize in professional sewer line installation and repair near Potomac, Maryland. Utilizing the latest technologies, we ensure minimal disruption with trenchless repair methods and precise installation to meet local codes. Our experienced team quickly addresses issues, preventing potential health hazards and property damage. We prioritize efficient, lasting solutions to maintain your sewer system’s integrity.

Drainage Installation and Repair

The Drain Guys excel in drainage installation and repair, providing top-tier services, Maryland. Our expert team ensures proper drainage setup, tailored to the unique requirements of each property to prevent water accumulation and protect structural integrity. We offer rapid, reliable repairs, using advanced diagnostics to address blockages or leaks effectively. With The Drain Guys, expect durable solutions that enhance your property’s drainage system, safeguarding against future issues. Choose us for professional, thorough, and swift drainage services.