Plumbing Apprenticeship Program

Plumbing Apprenticeship Program

We are excited to announce The Drain Guys 2022 Plumbing Apprenticeship Program. We want to give back to the community and help the next generation of plumbers enter the workforce. Did you know the average age of a plumber is 55 years old? Also, for every 5 master plumbers that retire, only 1 enters the workforce. We need to help and encourage our youth to get into plumbing.

How the Program Works

We will award an apprenticeship to one applicant for 2022 who will enter a 3 month paid learning program. This will person will spend 30 hours a week riding and assisting an experienced plumber. They will learn how to clear drains, install and repair water heaters, fix toilets, replace sewer lines and more. After finishing the program, this person will have the experience needed to operate as a full time plumber.

Compensation: $12 per hour.

Hours: 30 hours per week Monday – Thursday for 3 months.

Location: You will be working from our Rockville, Maryland office

Start Date: The Drain Guys will work with you to plan a mutually agreeable start date.

Graduation: After completing the program, the winner will be offered a full time salaried position at The Drain Guys.

Who Will Win?

We will review all applications and pick the person we feel is most deserving of the apprenticeship. We are looking for a hardworking individual who ideally already has done some basic plumbing work. We will pick a winner in February 2022.

How to Apply

Fill out the form to apply. Make sure to tell us why you deserve to be picked!