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Emily S.

The Drain guys are the best. I’m a first time homebuyer and my water heater was leaking. I was able to call Jay and get someone in the next day. Rich was very helpful and efficient when diagnosing the issue and installing the water heater. He was able to do it the same day and he walked me through the entire process. He made sure he cleaned up any mess from his work and even tightened my faucet. He answered every question I had as well, which was helpful for me. I found the company on Yelp and have had nothing but a great experience. They are prompt, reasonably priced, professional, and makes sure the job is complete before. I highly recommend them for any plumbing needs, you will not be disappointed.

Scott F.

We had a leak in a Saturday afternoon.
We requested a quote from 5 people.
Jay responded right away.
Rich did a great job and continued to provide us guidance which helped us navigate related repairs with insurance.

Gail Hyman

Parker was great. He was professional, kept me updated on when he’d arrive and sent photos of what needed fixing as well as the completed job. I would highly recommend The Drain Guys.

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Building Manager

Let me first say that I would definitely recommend the drain guys. They quickly fixed fixed a serious sewage issue that I had and got me running again.

I have a multi-unit building in Washington DC. We faced a sewage backup that presented itself on the second floor. It leaked into the floors below and created a significant amount of damage. I had to move several folks to hotels, so I was very motivated to get the issue fixed.

I had several plumbers come to attempt to fix the problem, most of who were stumped once a snake did not work. I even started work with another plumber that used a camera to identify a problem in a wall. That plumber replaced a pipe in the wall. However, that replacement did not fix the problem and, when the work was done, did not have a camera to look further in the pipe. After this plumber stated that they would not be able to restart work until two days later, I texted Jay (the head of the company) around 830pm to see if they could start. He came out that night (around 9pm) and agreed to start work the next day. Rich and Nick were assigned to the project and quickly realized that they had to redo the previous plumbers work. They also thoughtfully troubleshot potential areas of concern, and finally zeroed in on a problem in the basement, which turned out to be about a foot ahead of where the previous plumber left off.

The work required an excavation of the basement and some changes to the upstairs plumbing stack. Rich, Nick and a couple other guys worked for nearly two days straight, staying unit about 1030pm one night and 830pm another night until the work was complete. We got up and running in record time, given the issue that we faced.

A few things were key in the drain guys success that I noticed.

-First, they were the only company that I worked with that regularly had a camera with them. Most company’s had access to cameras, but would have to schedule them and the camera was used for initial cost estimate and perhaps to confirm successful completion. For instance, the other company mentioned above, could have saved me time and money if they would have put a camera in the open pipe and realized the blockage wasn’t clear. In contrast, the drain guys used a camera to troubleshoot every step of the way and confirm resolution and looked in other areas for any concerns.

-Second, the drain guys showed significant commitment to getting the project done. Both in Jay’s initial willingness to meet me at night and the team’s willingness to keep working into the night to fix the problem. Other companies would limit themselves to a defined project, regardless of whether the problem was actually solved. The drain guys kept pushing to resolve the issue.

-Lastly, I could tell that the company had good camaraderie. Both nights other plumbers came to help Rich and Nick after they had completed their jobs. These folks were key in finishing as they allowed Rich and Nick to take breaks. I could tell that they showed up not just for extra hours, but because they enjoyed each other’s company, were interested in the job and wanted the company to be successful. That type of thing is really important in making a great company and ultimately satisfying the customer.

Danae Remmert

Parker from the Drain Guys was extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendlt and very quick!
I sent a text message to The Drain Guys and they responded quickly. Within 24 hours, Parker had come over and fixed the (completely non-urgent) problem. Great service! 🙂

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Michelle Yingling

My hot water heater had gone up and water was running constantly on a Sunday night. I made the emergency service phone call to The Drain Guys, and Parker arrived shortly after. He was prompt, professional, highly knowledgeable. I even had a stubborn bath tub clog and other impromptu plumbing repairs needed and Parker completed all the same night. Early the next morning he had installed a brand new hot water heater. The service cost for all was reasonable. Parker is deserving of a high level of praise and rating. He definitely saved my basement! I highly recommend Parker and The Drain Guys!

Nicholas Viall

The plumber sent out to snake my shower drain was very easy to get along with, hard-working, and helped me understand the issue behind the clogged drain. When others would have reasonably given up on this drain (it took about twice as long as first expected), the plumber persevered and made the drain functional again.

Karen W

Parker was polite, friendly, super competent and punctual. He diagnosed my multiple issues quickly and also found an additional problem. He discussed different options and prices upfront, without pressuring. And he was a good sport about my puppy stealing his tools and running away with them! Highly recommended. The puppy also recommends him.

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bob strouts

Parker from The Drain Guys did a wonderful job replacing a leaking shutoff valve for an outside faucet. This shutoff valve was in a very hard to get to spot in our basement ceiling but Parker worked thru all the obstacles to complete the work in a timely manner. Can’t say enough about what a great job he did. I will definitely be using The Drain Guys for all my future plumbing needs.

Dave Smith

Great service at a great price. I felt weird calling for help with a minor plumbing issue, but they were great in explaining the cause in addition to taking care of it for me and very reasonable $.

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