Caroline K

We had a leak coming through our entryway wall and had no idea how it started or where the leak was actually coming from. The Drain Guys were able to come the same day we called to diagnose the issue, which was difficult in our tiny row house. It ended up being a long-term small drip leak inside the wall between floors caused by poor installation. Parker showed us exactly where the leak was, walked us through what caused it, and gave a really detailed explanation of what was needed to fix it. They were quickly able to give us a quote to fix the issue, which was very reasonable. When fixing the leak, he was communicative the whole time and there were no surprises in terms of what they were going to do and where exactly in the walls they had to cut. After their work I am confident that we won’t have the same issue and they left the area in better shape than it was before. We could tell that Parker is an expert and really cares about the quality of his work.